Tao in Action

Good conduct leaves behind no traces.
Good words afford no room for criticism.
Good mathematicians require no abacus.
Good doors need no bolts, and are not easily opened.
Good teacher do not need anything to bind their students to them. (more…)

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When I was fifteen, I set my mind on learning, at thirty, I held on firmly to what I’ve learned.

At forty, I knew all about managing affairs and understanding truth.

At fifty, I realized that Heaven had its own will. I blamed neither Heaven nor man.

At sixty, I could tell whether  a man was telling the truth and judge his character by listening to his speech.

At seventy, I could follow my heart’s wishes and not make mistakes.

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The Function of Keeping Low

The sea can become the king of hundred streams, making them flow into it because it manages to stay in a lower position.

So if the sage wants to be the leader of the people, he must be most humble towards them. To set good example, he must put the welfare of others above self-interest.


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Easy is right

Easy is right.
Begin right and it will be easy.
Continue easy and it will be right.

The right way to go easy
Is to forget the right way
And forget that the going is easy.

Chuang Tzu

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No Merit in Doing Good

Emperor Wu of the state of Liang had a strong liking for Buddhism. He is often wore Buddhist robes, ate vegetarian food and prayed to Buddha.
One day, a monk named Bodhidharma met Emperor Wu.
Ever since I ascended the throne, I supported many monks and nuns, built temples, copied Buddhist scriptures and erected sculptures of Buddha. How great is the merit for doing these things?
None whatsoever!
How can there be no merit at all? (more…)

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Finger Pointing at the Moon

A learned monk asked Sixth Zen Patriach Hui Neng:
“Please explain this scripture to me.”
“Sorry but I’m illiterate. Please read out the scripture to me and I’ll be able to comprehend it.”
You can’t even recognise the words, how can you comprehend the meanings of the scriptures?
Truth and words are two different things. Words can be likened to a finger.

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Knowing the Universe

The theory of everything is not found in a faraway place; it is right in our mind.
If you can look within and have self-awareness, end desires and give up self-interest, you will understand the ways of the world even if you have not stepped out of your house. You can understand the law of nature even if you have not looked out the window.
The farther you go, the less you know.

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The Problem of Evil

The Deductive Version

  1. God is exist
  2. God is omnipotent
  3. God is omniscient
  4. God is omnibenevolent
  5. God created the world
  6. The world contains evil

How to find a way to get from preposition 1-5 to a new preposition: The world does not contain evil that contradict with preposition 6? (more…)

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Siapakah Manusia


The Final Creation of God is The Existence of Man

  1. Manusia diciptakan seperti Allah
    Bukan kebalikannya Allah seperti manusia
    The greatest order, the greatest dignity and the highest possible of the possession in universe can be described for man


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