A little boy asked his mom one day if she knew what Goliath said when David hit him with a stone.

“Why, I didn’t know Goliath said anything,” his mom replied.

The little boy nodded his head knowingly and said “Sure he did. When David put that stone in his sling and whipped it around, and let it go and hit ol’ Goliath right between the eyes, Goliath said, ‘Hmmmm, nothing like that has ever entered my mind before'”

That’s what this blog all about. The aim of this blog is to record new ideas, maybe some that have never entered our mind before. I would not give my personal opinions, interpretations, and ideas unless you give yours in the comment. After all, that’s what blog for.

Published on December 24, 2006 at 3:59 am  Leave a Comment  

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