No Merit in Doing Good

Emperor Wu of the state of Liang had a strong liking for Buddhism. He is often wore Buddhist robes, ate vegetarian food and prayed to Buddha.
One day, a monk named Bodhidharma met Emperor Wu.
Ever since I ascended the throne, I supported many monks and nuns, built temples, copied Buddhist scriptures and erected sculptures of Buddha. How great is the merit for doing these things?
None whatsoever!
How can there be no merit at all? (more…)

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Finger Pointing at the Moon

A learned monk asked Sixth Zen Patriach Hui Neng:
“Please explain this scripture to me.”
“Sorry but I’m illiterate. Please read out the scripture to me and I’ll be able to comprehend it.”
You can’t even recognise the words, how can you comprehend the meanings of the scriptures?
Truth and words are two different things. Words can be likened to a finger.

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